We're interested in the following

  • well-researched political pieces, especially pertaining to timely issues (If you have a direct connection to an issue, all the better)
  • poetry, very short fiction, prose poems
  • personal essays
  • parenting pieces
  • feminism
  • education
  • humor writing
  • weird/strange history
  • sports writing (especially pertaining to wrestling/boxing/MMA, soccer, baseball)
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We're open to pretty much any subject matter, but don't be boring.

We're especially interested in big-picture, atmospheric essays that capture the sense of a place or an event.

Some of our favorite nonfiction writers: Mary Roach, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Oliver Sacks, Orwell, Roxane Gay, Eula Biss, Mary Beard, John McPhee, among oodles of others.
Ends on December 31, 2017
We love prose poems, formalism, free verse, and we're especially interested in translations, especially if we can run the original vs. the translation side-by-side.

IMPORTANT: Please put ALL your work into ONE file when uploading it. (So if you have five poems/short shorts, what have you, put them into ONE Word file.)

(1) Submissions are free.
(2) No previously published work (even if it occurred online).
(3) Please send only 3-5 poems, and only send one batch of work at a time.
(4) Unless asked, please don't submit more than two times a year.
(5) Simultaneous submissions are just fine, but let us know pronto if your work is accepted elsewhere.
(6) Payment is $10, whether we run one poem, or all of them.
(7) We'll try to respond within three months, but don't query unless it's been over a year.  Email us at knockoutpoetry AT gmail.com
Reading on a screen is hard, so we want short work--short shorts, flash fiction, prose poems/very short stories. Nothing longer than three pages in MS Word, please.

Please send a maximum of three pieces per submission.

Definitely interested in the strange, surreal, magical realism, sci-fi, quirky, and funny (think Calvino, Edson, Amber Sparks, Donald Barthelme) but interested in anything that's good.